From electro-pop to ballads, new Minnesota music offers something for everyone

Lady Lark
Lady Lark plays The Current's 13th Birthday Party January 20, 2018 at First Avenue.
Maddy Fox for MPR

In recognition of Minnesota Music Month, we invited The Current's Andrea Swensson to join us on the program. She highlighted some new songs by Minnesota artists and shared the stories behind them.

Swensson, who hosts The Local Show Sunday nights on The Current, shared tunes from longtime fixtures of the Twin Cities music scene and artists at the start of their careers. She introduced listeners to a Duluth supergroup and a musician who moved to Minnesota from another continent because he loves Bob Dylan.

Swensson spoke with MPR's Stephanie Curtis.

Here is a list of the music they mentioned during the hour:

  1. Lady Lark, "Bad Thoughts"

  2. J.S. Ondara, "Saying Goodbye"

  3. Lady Midnight, "P((O))WR"

  4. Elle PF, "Can U Show Me?"

  5. Genital Panic, "Misogyny"

  6. Katy Vernon, "Latest Disaster"

  7. 26 Bats!, "Do What You Do"

  8. Coyote, "Quicksand"

  9. Meg Kirsch, "Hometown"

  10. Sass, "Chew Toy"

  11. Lizzo, "Juice"

  12. astralblak, "Feels feat. Trelly Mo"

To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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