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The pros and cons of warrior-style police training

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Earlier this month, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey laid out a new policy for Minneapolis police offers: no more fear-based training. So-called warrior-style camps emphasize ever-present threats and officer survival — and some say that mindset makes deadly force more likely. Leadership of the police union quickly thumbed its nose at Frey's directive, and said warrior training will be offered for free to officers for as long as Frey is mayor.

What is warrior training? And what are its alternatives? We talked to former police officer Ginger Charles, author of the book "Police Pursuit of the Common Good: Reforming & Restoring Police Community."

Ginger Charles is a retired police sergeant and current research psychologist and professor at Modesto Junior College in Northern California.

To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

Correction: (April 29, 2019); During the live show, the host misstated a statistic about the number of police officers that were killed in the line of duty in 2018. The correct number is 144. The incorrect number has been cut from the audio.