The rise of the Christian left

White evangelical voters played a decisive role in putting Donald Trump in the White House. It's a muscle developed in the 1980s when Moral Majority coalesced and became a consistent GOP voting bloc.

But since 2016, a growing number of evangelicals have grown disenfranchised with the religious right. And Democratic contenders for 2020 — such as Pete Buttigieg and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker — are comfortable talking about their Christian faith in the public sphere. Will they mobilize the religious left?

We talked to two experts in American religion and culture.

Kirsten Powers is a CNN political analyst, a USA Today columnist and co-host of the Faith Angle podcast.

Diana Butler Bass is an independent scholar specializing in American religion and culture. She holds a Ph.D. in religious studies from Duke University and is the author of 10 books.

To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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