Art Hounds: The game is afoot in Lanesboro, Minn.

Commonweal Theatre's "Holmes and Watson" by Jeffrey Hatcher
Three different men all claim to be the "real" Sherlock Holmes in Commonweal Theatre's production "Holmes and Watson" by Jeffrey Hatcher. Performances run through July 6.
Courtesy of Peterson Creative Photography and Design

Lanesboro Arts gallery director Robbie Brokken just saw Commonweal Theatre's latest production, "Holmes and Watson," and found it to be a great caper. The play is written by Minnesota talent Jeffrey Hatcher, the man behind the screenplay for the film "Mr. Holmes" starring Ian McKellan.

In "Holmes and Watson," three different men in a mental institution all claim to be the Sherlock Holmes — but Holmes has been presumed dead for three years. Dr. Watson is called upon to figure out which — if any of the men — is the real Holmes.

If you like shows that take place in mental institutions, here's another one: Actor Jen Maren just saw SOS Theater's production of "Pop Goes the Noggin." It's an original play set in Minnesota, where a group of women are ruled over by Nurse Triplet. One of the women is in love with Neil Diamond and is convinced he is waiting for her at the Minnesota State Fair.

Maren says it's a dark comedy that draws out the touching moments of these women living in their own realities. Performances run through May 12 at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul.

Hmong Museum founder Mai Vang is looking forward to "Art is ... Our Call for Peace." It's one in a series of evening performances being held at the Twin Cities PBS station in downtown St. Paul.

This one features four Hmong-American artists, including author Kao Kalia Yang, song poet Bee Yang, spoken word artist Kevin Yang and visual artist Xee Reiter. Together they'll weave an intergenerational narrative that dreams of peace. The performance takes place at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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