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SAT exam now may offer credit for the school of hard knocks

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The College Board announced last week that the SAT, which is administered to nearly 2 million students each year, might give out a new score — one that has nothing to do with math or reading.

The score would measure the amount of disadvantage a student has faced. It's intended to give college admissions staff an overview of a student's economic, social and financial situation. 

Yale University used the tool, known as the Environmental Context Dashboard, on a trial basis and doubled the level of its low-income, first-generation freshmen to 20 percent.

Three Minnesota educators joined Angela Davis live in the studio to talk about the new tool, its potential impact on students here and the future of standardized testing.


• Paul Thiboutot — Carleton College vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid

• Jim McCorkell — CEO of College Possible, a national nonprofit focused on getting low-income students into college

• Yohuru Williams —education activist and dean at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas

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