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Art Hounds: It's all real, it's all fake

DaNCEBUMS present "It's All Real, It's All Fake."
DaNCEBUMS present "It's All Real, It's All Fake," a collaboration with musician Eric Mayson.
Courtesy of Emmet Kowler

Theater artist Freya Richman has become a big fan of DaNCEBUMS, a company created by five college friends who like to say they bring "the party to the arty." Richman particularly loves their ongoing collaboration with musician Eric Mayson, and how their works play off one another. DaNCEBUMS presents "It's All Real, It's All Fake" Thursday through Sunday in the Tek Box Theater at the Cowles Center for Dance.

Composer and musician deVon Gray is going to the Minneapolis Institute of Art Thursday night for a combined art and music experience. Some of the Twin Cities' greatest improvisational musicians — Sarah Greer, Mankwe Ndosi, Davu Seru and Fatawu Sayibu — will perform in Gallery 255, drawing inspiration from the Mbuti barkcloth paintings hanging on the walls. The performance gets underway at 6:30 p.m.

Visual artist Bebe Keith is looking forward to the return of A.R.T. — or "Audacious Raw Theater." Created by Lanesboro, Minn.-based performing artist Catherine Glynn, A.R.T. brings together seven artists to create seven new works in seven days. Audiences can see the results at the historic St. Mane Theatre in Lanesboro on June 1-2 at 7:30 p.m.

This activity is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.
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