Art Hounds: 'Caught' captures the imagination

Brian Kim is artist Lin Bo in Full Circle Theater's
Brian Kim is artist Lin Bo — or is he? — in Full Circle Theater's production of "Caught." Performances run through Sunday, June 2 at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.
Courtesy of Full Circle Theater

St. Paul Academy senior and self-described theater nerd Isabel Saavedra-Weis went to see Full Circle Theater's production of "Caught," and says it gave her brain a workout. The show starts out as a gallery exhibition, then turns into a play and continues to morph throughout the evening. Saavedra-Weis says the show makes you examine what you know to be true and smartly reveals how much of our sense of comfort revolves around knowing what is real. Performances run through Sunday at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

Dancer, choreographer and composer Justin Jones recommends checking out "The Startled Faction (a sensitivity training)" at Hair and Nails Gallery in Minneapolis. Created by Chicago-based filmmaker Catherine Sullivan, the 34-minute film explores the competing notions of "leaning-in" and resistance, using dance, dialogue and reconstructed scenes from other films. Jones says while the film might sound heavy or overly didactic, the result is funny and engaging. On view through June 16.

Photographer and filmmaker Nik Nerburn is excited to see Allen Killian-Moore's solo exhibition "I Am What's Wrong with the World" at the Duluth Art Institute. Combining film, video and photography, the installation explores power, the landscape and coexistence. Nerburn says don't pay any attention to the title of the show — Killian-Moore is what's right with the world.

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