Occasional rain returns; warmer signal ahead by July?

We're back in the rainfall business again starting Thursday in Minnesota.

A low-pressure system spins slowly our way. Look for increased coverage in scattered showers and thunderstorms from west to east Thursday. Another wave of scattered storms pulses in late Friday into Saturday.

It won't rain all the time over the next few days. We'll have several dry hours in between rainfall events. But your lawn and garden may get a good watering between now and Sunday.

Here's the Canadian model sequence of events from Thursday through Sunday.

6 19 cmc
Canadian GEM model from Thursday through Sunday via Weather Bell.

The Canadian model is among the most aggressive on rainfall totals. It cranks out some multi-inch totals in northwest Minnesota by Monday.

Many of us could see an inch of rain by then. But keep in mind summer convective rainfall is often highly variable and localized.

6 19 ccqpf_acc.us_nc
Rainfall output through Sunday via pivotal weather.

Severe risk Friday

The best chance for any severe storms favors southwestern Minnesota Friday.

6 19 1 rr

Warmer days ahead

The seasonal northward transition of the jet stream is slow this year. Many of you are telling me you're just fine with that. We take another step forward on heat and humidity next week. Highs in the 80s look much more frequent.

6 19 1 wwee
NOAA via Weather Bell.

I'm still seeing signs of expanding heat and humidity as we move into July. The Twin Cities National Weather Service agrees.

Stay tuned.

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