Art Hounds: 'Underwater Dogs' in Winona

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum presents Seth Casteel's beloved photos of dogs in water

Dog swimming underwater with eyes wide open
Seth Casteel's photo "Otto" is part of his show "Underwater Dogs" on display through Jan. 5, 2020, at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.
Courtesy of Seth Casteel

Music professor Eric Heukeshoven recommends you head to Winona, Minn., to check out “Underwater Dogs” at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. He says the show is like nothing else he’s ever seen, featuring underwater portraits of dogs big and small diving after balls. Photographer Seth Casteel’s images went viral in 2012; this is the first time they’ve been presented in a museum. The show runs through Jan. 5, 2020.

Woman beckons to the camera, man dressed as a dog plays ukelele
Ariel Leaf and Joe Wiener play Zetta and Dog in "Dog Act."
Kari Elizabeth | Godfrey Photography

Actor Linda Sue Anderson loves seeing plays put on by Fortune’s Fool Theatre, and is eager to check out it’s latest show “Dog Act.” Set postapocalypse, the show follows a band of vaudevillian troubadours who are determined to create art in a cruel world. Performances run through Dec. 22 at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul.

A black and white photograph of a person in a worn down building.
"sawfar grand hotel" © 2019
Courtesy of Andrea Shaker

Just a few hundred feet away from Gremlin Theatre is Film North. Photo historian George Slade says you should check out Andrea Shaker’s exhibition “on bayt,” which combines photography, film and choreography to explore time-worn places in Lebanon. Shaker is second-generation Lebanese-American; her work contemplates what it means to long for a home she never had.

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