BBC World Service special: 'My Perfect City: Oslo'

Oslo, Norway, at sunset
Oslo, Norway, at sunset in June 2017.
A Prairie Home Companion 2017

This hour, we head across the pond to get some ideas from Oslo, Norway about ways to improve our cities from an environmental, social and economic standpoint. Should Oslo get the "gold medal for urban living?"

Oslo is now the fastest-growing major city in all of Europe. Its growth is attributed to high birth rates and migration. Oslo is keenly aware that as the city expands, it is important to do so in a sustainable way.

As a result, city leaders and residents have made a commitment to reduce carbon use and emissions as they grow, which some would say is an impossible challenge.

The BBC’s “My Perfect Country” team – including Fi Glover, Dr. Ellie Cosgrave and professor Greg Clark – assess whether Oslo's plans will work and if they can avoid urban pitfalls that often lead to segregation and inequality.

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