Want to be an Art Hound? Here's what you need to know

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Art Hounds from MPR News.
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Art Hounds is a weekly segment on MPR News, in which three people talk about arts events in Minnesota they think our listeners should check out. The goal of Art Hounds is to raise awareness of what an amazingly rich cultural scene we have here in Minnesota and to inspire people to try out new things.

Artists regularly report increased attendance when their event is featured on Art Hounds.

Who can be an Art Hound?

Art Hounds are typically people who are actively involved in the arts — they might be artists themselves or work for an arts non-profit, or they might be active consumers who just love seeing theater or dance or art exhibitions.

But we’re also open to hearing from people who might have a special expertise connected to an art event. Say, for example, a history professor who’s excited about an exhibition that focuses on art responding to the Vietnam War, or a mental health professional who’s impressed by a new play that takes on mental health issues.

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Who can’t be an Art Hound?

Art Hounds is not about self-promotion — so if you are involved in a production, you can’t be on Art Hounds to talk about that production. Similarly, if you are related to the artist, or on the board of an arts non-profit, that disqualifies you from talking about their work.

I want to be an Art Hound – what do I do?

First off — thank you! We’re always looking for new Art Hounds, especially people who live outside of the Twin Cities and who can talk about the arts in their region. Any time you see an event you’re interested in talking about, simply fill out the Art Hounds form.

I’ve signed up to be an Art Hound — now what happens?

Once we get your submission we’ll do our best to schedule you in the coming weeks — it’s really helpful if you can submit the form two-to-three weeks before an event to make scheduling easier.

We can walk you through recording yourself using a smartphone.

What do I need to do to prepare for the recording?

Some people like to jot down some notes to help them frame their thoughts, while others are more comfortable writing up a short script — do whatever makes you most comfortable, and we’ll work with it.

The most important thing is to come prepared with the basic facts surrounding the art you’d like to feature — the name of the artist, the name of the show, and when and where it’s happening — and to think about why you think others should check this particular work out. The most important thing is to bring your enthusiasm. We’ll guide you through the rest.

Why Art Hounds? Why does this matter?

Good question! Art Hounds has been around for more than ten years now, and we’ve found it’s a successful way of raising awareness about the arts, inspiring people to try new things, and building community across the state.

It’s an easy and fun way for people to support their local arts scene, especially at a time where the arts are changing and rapidly adapting due to worldwide circumstances. Art Hounds works for artists, art supporters, and anyone who is looking to brighten their day with something new and exciting. Become an Art Hound today!

This activity is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.