Art Hounds: Labor Camp's daily COVID-19 reports

Plus, Art Hounds recommend two very different songs by Minnesota musicians.

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three black and white posters
Artist Piotr Szyhalski has been drawing a new work every day responding to news of COVID-19, and how the U.S. government is managing it. Art Hound Camille Gage says she finds the work both disconcerting and inspiring.
Courtesy of the artist

Artist and writer Camille Gage has been following the work of artist Piotr Szyhalski, who works under the moniker “Labor Camp.” Since late March, Szyhalski has been drawing a new image every day responding to the news of COVID-19. Szyhalski, who grew up in Poland, is no stranger to propaganda, and his black and white posters employ similar graphic techniques. Gage says she’s fascinated by how Szyhalski “fights fire with fire,” using the COVID-19 Labor Camp Report series to critique the U.S. government’s handling of the pandemic.

Zorongo Flamenco’s Susana Di Palma is a fan of and occasionally collaborates with singer Tonia Hughes. Hughes performs regularly at The Dakota with the Steeles family and Larry Long; her music is a reflection of her faith and her background in gospel singing. Di Palma says Hughes’ song “Don’t Give Up” is exactly what she’s needed to stay positive and motivated during a difficult time.

Rochester Art Center’s Amy Garretson thinks it’s oddly fitting that Fires of Denmark just released a single called “Start Living Outside of Time.” Fires of Denmark is the musical project of Michael Terrill; he started writing the song last year as a commentary on how our modern lives never allow us enough time to really live. Now, Garretson says, we are all “living outside of time” as we adjust to life during a global pandemic.  

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