MSHSL set to revisit decision on restricting fall sports

Volleyballs sit in a bin in front of a volleyball team in a gym.
Volleyballs sit in a bin at North High School on in North St. Paul. The Minnesota State High School League will meet Monday to review the decision to cancel some fall sports in the face of COVID-19.
Andy Kosier | MPR News 2019

The Minnesota State High School League, the governing body of Minnesota high school sports, is reconsidering its decision to cancel fall sports, potentially opening the door for football and volleyball to resume across the state.

The league has already indicated it plans to poll schools about their approach to football and volleyball — both sports that may involve prolonged athlete proximity that puts them at risk for spreading the coronavirus.

The governing body will meet Monday to review the decision on fall sports in the face of COVID-19.

Ted Schultz, the activities director for Minnetonka public schools for more than a decade, said he will urge the league to bring football and volleyball back. He said precautions will work.

“I feel it's as safe a place as going down to the local grocery store, or to a restaurant. We are doing the best we can,” Schultz said. “The coaches and kids have been great so far. The data has shown me, again, I’m speaking only for Minnetonka, that we can provide a safe product.”

Schultz also said that he remains concerned about the impact of moving sports to spring, for multisport athletes. Also, football fields may not be playable as snow melts.

There have been a handful of cases of COVID-19 among Minnetonka students, although Schultz said almost all of them had been traced to a July 4 party, not to school activities.

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