Ask a bookseller: 'Honey Girl,' a charming story about finding the love you deserve

Lauren Nopenz Fairley has seen a surging interest in romance novels during the pandemic at her bookstore, The Curious Iguana, in Frederick, Md. She said her whole staff fell in love with the queer romance novel, “Honey Girl,” by debut author Morgan Rogers.

The cover of “Honey Girl”
“Honey Girl,” by debut author Morgan Rogers
HarperCollins Publishers

In the book, 28-year-old Grace Porter has just finished her Ph.D. in astronomy. She's from a conservative, military family. And so it's very unlike her to go to Las Vegas and get drunkenly married to a complete stranger. Grace decides to step away from her stressful life and join her new wife, Yuki Yamamoto, in New York City for the summer.

Nopenz Fairley called it a charming story, complete with an entertaining cast of characters in Yuki’s roommates. As Grace falls for Yuki, they settle into a pleasant routine; but reality comes hurtling back, as Grace must decide what to do with her future. Nopenz Fairley calls “Honey Girl” a millennial novel about accepting the love you deserve, celebrating “found families,” and defining relationships beyond the romantic.

The book came out in February 2021 and went straight to paperback, making it an easy book to bring to the beach this summer.

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