Jaleel Stallings sues Minneapolis and MPD over excessive force

security footage show police surrounding and kneeling on a man
Security camera footage shows Minneapolis police officers surrounding, kicking and punching Jaleel Stallings after he returned fire in self-defense.
Screenshot of footage

Jaleel Stallings filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Thursday against the city of Minneapolis and 19 police officers. He says police used excessive force and then lied in their reports that he’d been resisting arrest.

Stallings, 29, was shot with a foam marking round by officers without warning in a Lake Street parking lot after curfew on May 30, 2020, during the civil unrest following George Floyd’s murder. He shot back with his handgun, but surrendered when he realized he fired at police.

In June, Stallings was charged with attempted murder, assault and other charges. He was acquitted last month on all counts last month.

Body camera and security video show police kicking and punching Stallings as he lies face down on the ground with his gun out of reach.

The Minneapolis Police Department says it can’t comment on the matter because of an internal investigation.

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