No one hurt after concrete wall collapses outside Rosedale Macy's

A concrete chunk that fell off a parking ramp is seen on the ground.
This photo, taken Wednesday afternoon and sent to MPR news by a passing motorist, shows part of the ramp at Rosedale mall collapsing onto a roadway outside the Macy's store on June 1, 2022.
Courtesy photo

City officials in Roseville say they’ve condemned a parking ramp at the Rosedale Center mall after a massive chunk of concrete wall fell from the upper level onto a roadway that passes right in front of a door to the Macy’s store. 

A photo of the damage sent to MPR News shows a chunk of concrete wall nearly a foot thick and two car lengths long missing from the upper deck of the ramp and lying beside two vehicles stopped below the ramp – one of them a Roseville police squad car. 

City manager Patrick Trudgeon said he wasn’t sure exactly how much the fallen wall weighed, but that it was likely “a lot of pounds” and could have caused serious damage, injury, or even death if someone had been underneath it. 

“We’re very fortunate, no vehicle was passing underneath or car stopped there or person walking underneath it,” Trudgeon said. 

Mall management did not respond to email messages or phone calls about the incident on Thursday. 

The ramp stands between the Macy’s store and Fairview Avenue on the west side of the shopping mall, just north of Highway 36. 

Trudgeon says the collapse apparently happened Wednesday afternoon. 

“We do not know why it fell off, but we didn’t see any indication that it was ran into or anything like that, but the good news is that no one was hurt.” 

Trudgeon said that the city inspectors responded to the collapse and banned parking on or below the ramp until a structural engineer can examine the ramp and determine its structural integrity. 

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