ChangeMakers: Showcasing transgender and nonbinary Minnesotans for Pride month

A Black person interviews another person with a microphone
MPR News reporter Feven Gerezgiher interviews Rox Anderson, a community organizer and 2018 Bush Fellow, in the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition offices in Minneapolis on May 17.
Ben Hovland | MPR News

Covering Minnesota’s diverse communities is central to our mission to inform, include and inspire. Each week during this year’s Pride month, you’ll meet transgender and nonbinary Minnesotans as part of the ongoing MPR News “ChangeMakers” series.

ChangeMakers showcases Minnesotans from diverse, often underrepresented backgrounds who are making an impact. Whether they’re making history or making a difference for just one person, these individuals are leaders building new futures for their communities.

Previous ChangeMakers include Black, Indigenous and Asian and Pacific Islander leaders. This month we're turning the spotlight on transgender and nonbinary Minnesotans.

With assistance from Quatrefoil Library and the broader LGBTQ+ community, more than 80 people were considered for this series.

These profiles represent the diversity of transgender and nonbinary people across age, gender expression, race, ethnicity, location in Minnesota, passions and industry. Among them are politicians, artists, care providers, writers, musicians, advocates, performers, comedians, mentors and leaders. 

Our first ChangeMaker is Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, who launched Children’s Minnesota’s program for gender diverse youth in 2019 and is working to improve pediatric health care for trans youth.

You’ll find the series throughout the month at We are grateful for our ChangeMakers for sharing their stories with us.

Email with any questions or feedback.

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