Gunflint Mail Run called off due to warm weather

Gunflint Mail Run sled dog race
A musher and their sled dog team traverse Poplar Lake at sunrise in January during the Gunflint Mail Run in Cook County.
Nace Hagemann | 2018

Unseasonably warm weather and a lack of snow have claimed another Minnesota winter tradition this season.

Organizers of the annual Gunflint Mail Run sled dog race in Cook County announced Monday that they’ve canceled this winter’s event.

The race originally was set to take place in early January, then was postponed until Feb. 10.

“The Gunflint Mail Run Board of Directors have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the 2024 race due to a lack of snow,” race organizers posted on the event’s Facebook Page.

Organizers noted that with no significant snow in the forecast and above average temperatures for the near future, canceling the race would be best for the safety and care of mushers and their team. They said the race will be back next winter.

Race officials told MPR News last month that at least a foot and a half of snow is needed on the trails for a safe race — and there also needs to be safe ice for a four-mile stretch of the course across Poplar Lake.

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