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DJ Jam E-Z wants to 'share the art, the music, the lessons'

Vinyl's laid out on a table
Some of DJ Jam E-Z's selections from his curated collection for the Vinyl Revival Listening Lounge at the Minneapolis Central Library.
Ngoc Bui | MPR News

Some months ago, we took you to the Vinyl Revival Listening Lounge at the Minneapolis Central Library. A place where you can check out thousands of records in the collection at the library.

We returned to the listening lounge this week to hear some new selections from the vinyl collection — curated this time by Jamez Smith, also known as DJ Jam E-Z. He’s the latest to be tapped by the vinyl revival team, which has been calling on local DJs to put together a list of 30-50 records to feature every month.

“I like music that makes me feel good. Ideally, making others feel good as well,” Smith said.

Originally from San Francisco, he’s been spinning records for decades and has stayed loyal to vinyl records. Nowadays, you can hear him on KRSM, a low-power FM station in South Minneapolis. Smith gave us a sampler of his curation, sharing tracks from Chic, The Brand New Heavies, and Lena Horne.

“My job as a DJ is to share the art, the music, the lessons that these other artists have already created.”

His picks are available now and will be on display the rest of this month at the central library.

To hear the full interview with DJ Jam E-Z, click play on the player above. More information can be found about the listening lounge here.