Minnesota drought-free for the first time in 2 years

Very wet spring improved conditions drastically

drought 06-06
The latest drought conditions report for Minnesota shows the state drought-free.
National Drought Mitigation Center

Most of Minnesota has been running major rainfall surpluses this spring, eliminating drought for the first time since June 2022. It was the wettest spring in five years for many.

Drought has vanished in Minnesota 

What a difference a spring can make. In mid-March, nearly 75 percent of the state was in at least moderate drought. Now, nowhere in the state is classified in drought. A sliver of north-central Minnesota remains abnormally dry. 

mar-june drought compare
Comparison of mid-March and early June drought conditions
National Drought Mitigation Center

Last week, 2 percent of Minnesota in the north-central part of the state remained in moderate drought. This week, that swath is considered just “abnormally dry.”

drought compare
Comparison of last week's and this week's drought monitor
National Drought Mitigation Center

Almost all of Minnesota has seen significant rainfall surpluses this spring, ranging from 1 inch above normal to as much as 9 inches above normal. 

spring rain anomalies
90-day precipitation anomalies (departure from normal)
WeatherBELL Analytics

The last time there was no drought in the state was June 2022: 

drought chart
Statewide drought statistics since January 2020. The last time Minnesota had no drought was June 2022.
National Drought Mitigation Center

We’re in for an overall drier pattern over the next several days, hopefully the rainfall doesn’t diminish as in the last couple of summers. 

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