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Our book experts talk about their favorite buys for the holiday season. From the newly published to old titles you may have missed, there are ideas for everyone on your list.
Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners and author of a nationally syndicated advice column, talks about her new book, Star-Spangled Manners: In Which Miss Manners Defends American Etiquette.
A rebroadcast of Katherine Lanpher's conversation with Kien Nguyen, author of The Tapestries, a novel based on Nguyen's grandfather's life as an embroiderer in the court of the last king of Vietnam.
This fall Garrison Keillor gathered poets and the public together for a night of poetry at the Fitzgerald Theater. The event heralded the publication of his anthology Good Poems, culled from the thousands of poems he has read on the show Writer's Almanac.
Critic Edmund White comments on culture, gay literature, walking through Paris, and other topics he's written about during his long career. Often hailed as the country's pre-eminent gay writer, he wrote the classic coming-out novel, A Boy's Own Story.
Jack Miles is a literary scholar who is considered by some to be a maverick among biblical interpreters. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his first book, God: A Biography. His newest book, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God, reframes Jesus's life and mission on earth.
Talking Volumes author Kien Nguyen talks about his new novel The Tapestries, a tale based on the life of his grandfather, an embroider in the court of the last king of Vietnam.
Author and "This American Life" contributor Sarah Vowell tells us how to be a good American without coming off like an overbearing zealot. Her new book The Partly Cloudy Patriot is a collection of essays ranging from why she loves Abraham Lincoln to her thoughts about rampant flag-waving after September 11th.
Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman talks to Gary Eichten about the situation in the middle east, terrorism, and other global issues. He is the author of a new book, Longitudes and Attitudes: Exploring the World After September 11.
Conversation continues with Pat Conroy on his book, My Losing Season. Later in the hour, we hear excerpts from an October Talking Volumes program with Salman Rushdie, author of Step Across This Line. In Rushdie's latest collection of non-fiction, he crosses over the frontier and sees and tells things as they are, inviting readers to "step across this line" with him.