Minnesota Arts

Art and memory in the Northwoods: The art of Madeleine Bialke
The Nemeth Art Center has unveiled “The Long View,” an exhibition by London-based artist Madeleine Bialke, featuring 10 vividly colored “treescapes” inspired by summers spent at her grandparents’ farm in Park Rapids.
‘Hyper violence to heritage’: a new exhibition of Latine artists explores the cultural significance of blood
The Minnesota Museum of American Art is hosting “Hilo de la Sangre,” an exhibition featuring diverse works from Latine artists exploring themes of heritage, violence and identity through the lens of blood’s cultural significance.
Rocker, writer and teacher: Remembering Laurie Lindeen of Zuzu’s Petals
Laurie Lindeen, the founder and frontwoman of the influential Minneapolis indie rock band Zuzu’s Petals and a beloved teacher and writer, died suddenly from a brain aneurysm at the age of 62 on July 1.
‘Tangled’: Madison Rubenstein paints what it feels like to live with invisible illness
Madison Rubenstein, a painter and visual artist from Bloomington, creates large-format paintings in their Minneapolis studio, drawing on experiences of chronic illness and disability.
Art Hounds: Shakespeare in a sculpture park
Art Hounds discuss “Twelfth Night” at Franconia Sculpture Park, Teatro del Pueblo’s “Love in a Time of Hate” and “The Seeker” at Lake Superior