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What’s all that pastry and wool at Augsburg?
Krumkake. Kransekake. Lefse. Julekage. Just try to say that three times fast. I’m surrounded by the stuff in the dining hall — a big spread of Scandinavian treats with holiday decorations and live classical music in the background. Heart-shaped vafler with jam and whipped cream? I’m in. I’ll even take the strange brown slices of…
Augsburg’s greener way to do chemistry
I'm in Prof. Michael Wentzel's organic chemistry class, and he's showing his students how to do chemistry in a more environmentally friendly way.
A day at Augsburg College
I'm spending today at Augsburg College, one of the smallest, densest four-year campuses in the state.
Bemidji students join unrest over chancellor
The vote came the same day the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities chairman renewed a call for mediation between Chancellor Steven Rosenstone, faculty unions and even students.
The chairman of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system board made a renewed call for mediation between faculty unions and MnSCU leaders in their dispute.
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