Saving for retirement can be done; it just takes practice

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It's old news, but it's worth repeating: You're probably not saving enough for retirement.

Studies show that more than half of adults expect to work past the traditional retirement age of 65 because they don't have enough saved.

This doom and gloom narrative is not new. Saving money can be hard, and many Americans struggle just to make ends meet.

But there's hope.

On Thursday, host Angela Davis welcomed two financial experts who shared practical knowledge on how to save for retirement, whether you're 15 or 55. They discussed how to strike a balance between saving and spending, and how to think about retirement without being overwhelmed.


Ross Levin, certified financial planner and CEO and founder of Accredited Investors, a wealth management firm in Edina.

Ted Schmelzle, senior director of retirement solutions at Securian Financial, a group that provides insurance, investment, retirement products and trust services to clients around the country. He works in St. Paul.

Use the audio player above for tips on how to save for retirement.

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