What you need to know about at-home DNA kits

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DNA tests have become wildly popular over the past decade.

Tens of millions of people have had their DNA tested to find out more about their family history, or to better understand their health.

But there are limits to what the tests can tell you. If your test includes information about your likelihood of contracting a certain disease, how concerned should you be?

And there are growing concerns over privacy. Police are now using some DNA sites to track down alleged criminals.

If you take a test, who will have access to the results?

A genealogist and a genetics counselor joined the program to help decipher some results and answer questions.


Mica Anders, professional geologist in St. Paul.

Carrie Blout, senior genetic counselor and director of research development in the Genomes2People group at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School.

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