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Flyover 2020: What does patriotism mean?

Student Protest U.S. History
Students protest outside of Ralston Valley High School in Arvada, Colo. The students are protesting a proposal by the Jefferson County School Board to emphasize patriotism and downplay civil unrest in the teaching of U.S. history.
Brennan Linsley | AP 2014
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The Upper Midwest is patriotic. But how that word is defined varies, depending on where you are standing and to whom you are talking.

Thursday on Flyover 2020, we tackled the concept of patriotism and the role that the urban/rural divide plays in how the value is expressed — and how people vote.


  • Francesco Duina, sociology professor at Bates College in Maine and author of the book “Broke and Patriotic: Why Poor Americans Love Their Country”

  • Arlie Hochschild, sociology professor emeritus at University of California Berkeley and author of the book “Strangers in their Own Land”

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