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How the coronavirus will force teaching and learning to change

People standing far apart from each other and people at tables.
Students keep social distance as they line up to pick up books, work and their belongings Monday at North High School gym. Schools have temporarily closed amid the COVID-19 outbreak to prepare for distance learning.
Christine T. Nguyen | MPR News file

By order of Gov. Tim Walz, K-12 schools in Minnesota have been closed for a week to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. When school starts up again, education will take place via distance learning.

Teachers and administrators have been busy figuring out how that will work. What's the best way to connect with students online? What about students who don't have access to smartphones, tablets or broadband internet? How will the needs of special education students be met?

Host Angela Davis was joined by two teachers and a principal who have been trying to come up with answers to these questions and more.


  • Chris Bussmann, principal at Levi P. Dodge Middle School in Farmington, Minn.

  • Jasmine Lane, English teacher at Columbia Heights High School

  • Mark Westpfahl, American history teacher at Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet School in St. Paul

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