Researchers discuss vaccine development, continued efforts on novel coronavirus

A researcher at Protein Sciences works in a lab
A researcher at Protein Sciences works in a lab on March 12 in Meriden, Conn. The biotech company is currently researching a vaccine for COVID-19.
Jessica Hill | AP

This week, a vaccine candidate for the novel coronavirus hit a new milestone and entered the second phase of clinical trials. But what does that mean in terms of how soon this vaccine — or others — might be ready for public use? 

This vaccine is far from the only trial under way, with researchers around the world racing to safely produce a product — or products — to protect against COVID-19 infection.

Join Kerri Miller on our weekly show focusing on the science of the novel coronavirus as she talks with two researchers about how the vaccine development process works and the speed of the science happening during a pandemic. We’ll also answer your questions.


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