The return of elective surgeries in Minnesota: A positive sign for the pandemic, economy

Cars drive past a road sign that reads "VA entry closed. Bus only."
Temporary signs warn drivers along 44th Avenue that the entrance to the St. Cloud VA Medical Center is being rerouted to one access point along Veterans Drive in St. Cloud, Minn. on March 21.
Paul Middlestaedt for MPR News

One of the first signs of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic was the shutdown of elective surgeries, routine medical exams and other nonessential medical care.

It left hundreds of Minnesotans in limbo as they navigated what would be considered emergencies and what could wait. 

Now that many clinics have resumed somewhat normal practices, we take a closer look at how they're doing. 

MPR News host Angela Davis talks to two doctors about consequences for patients when their medical care was put on hold. She’ll ask how health care providers are adjusting to accommodate new guidelines and what services will remain as virtual visits.

Chris Farrell, MPR News senior economics contributor, also joins Angela, as he does most Mondays, to talk about the state of the economy.


  • Dr. Amy Williams is the chair of practice administration at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

  • Dr. Christopher Boelter is a urologist at CentraCare and the lead physician on their Road to Recovery work in St. Cloud.

  • Chris Farrell is a senior economics contributor for MPR News.

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