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How to stop your 'doomscroll'

A woman looks at social networking applications
A person looks at social networking applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger and Linkedin on a smartphone.
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How often do you find yourself spending hours aimlessly scrolling through social media? 

During this unprecedented time, we are spending more time on screens and thumbing through a lot of information that can be negative, saddening and disheartening. 

This habit is called “doomscrolling” and it can often lead to more fear, anxiety and stress.  

Why we do it and how can we manage it?


  • Dr. Kaz Nelson is a psychiatrist with M Health Fairview and vice chair for education at the University of Minnesota Medical School’s department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. 

  • Amelia Aldao is a clinical psychologist and founder of Together CBT, a clinic that specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy in New York City.

This conversation is part of Call To Mind, our MPR initiative to foster new conversations about mental health.

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