How to best set up your home as the pandemic drags on

A woman sits at a desk and writes in a notebook.
Months into the pandemic, our homes have turned into offices and classrooms. How do you maintain a relaxing living space amid the chaos?
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Nine months into the pandemic, many of us are used to logging in to work or school from our homes. More than 40 percent of the U.S. labor force is now working remotely.

As we adjust, so do our living spaces. Dining tables now serve as desks and living rooms are classrooms. Many of us have invested in new desks, chairs, and storage solutions to deal with the clutter and chaos of work-from-home. 

But the transition from workplace back to living space can be a challenge. It can also be challenging to accommodate multiple work and school situations in one home. So how can you make the most of your living space?


  • Rachel Alcorn is the owner of Two Hands Interior, an interior design firm based in Illinois.

  • Ariane Laxo  is an interior designer with HGA, a national design firm founded in the Twin Cities that focuses on architecture and engineering.

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