We want candy!

The candy aisle at a grocery store
Various types of candy are displayed in a grocery store aisle in St. Paul, Minn., on Thursday.
Angela Davis | MPR News

Nothing triggers our childhood memories easier or faster than candy. It takes us back to the time when we would sneak it, hoard it or beg for it. 

Grown-ups used it as a reward, and why wouldn’t they? Even the U.S. Military passed it out to kids in liberated Europe after WWII as a way to win hearts and minds. Did you know that the individually wrapped candy bar was invented after a request from the Department of Defense as a way to get quick energy for soldiers?

The history of the confectionery industry — including Minnesota’s own beloved candy company Pearson’s — is full of intrigue, brand wars and … calories.   

Host Angela Davis talked to Steve Almond, author of “Candyfreak,” as well as the vice president of operations at Pearson’s and a chocolatier from Willmar, Minn. 


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