Minnesota to see $68M for EV charging stations from new infrastructure package

3M charging station
Tom Heim, director of administrative services at 3M, demonstrates the ChargePoint Network electric vehicle charging station at the 3M campus in Maplewood, Minn.
Nikki Tundel | MPR News 2011

Before signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law Monday, President Joe Biden said Americans who drive electric vehicles would soon be able to drive from Washington, D.C., to California without worrying about finding a charging station. The spending package includes money for 500,000 stations nationwide, include $68-million-worth in Minnesota.

So how quickly will that money get to Minnesota and what kind of charging stations will it fund?

Kyle Shelton is director of the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota. He joined Climate Cast this week to talk about how this infusion of infrastructure dollars could help Minnesota reach its climate goals.

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