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How to protect yourself from scams

A call log is displayed via an AT&T app.
A call log is displayed via an AT&T app on a cellphone in Orlando, Fla., in August 2017.
John Raoux | AP 2017

Robocalls. Identity theft. Fake websites.

Scams take many forms in the digital era. And they cost Americans serious money. In 2021, Americans lost about $30 billion to scam calls. And in 2020, they lost $56 billion to identity fraud

According to the AARP, scammers often target older adults, and they use creative methods that reflect what is currently popular, including Zoom, COVID vaccine cards and online shopping. 

MPR News guest host Chris Farrell talks about scams, how they affect older adults and how to avoid them with two experts. 


  • Jay Haapala is the associate state director for AARP Minnesota. He specializes in helping the public understand and avoid scams. 

  • Marti DeLiema is an assistant research professor of social work at the University of Minnesota. She studies the risk factors associated with financial fraud. 

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