Two-time Minnesota Book Award winner back with a new fantasy world to get lost in

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Brian Farrey is a two-time Minnesota Book Award winner and the author of “The Counterclockwise Heart,” which debuts Feb. 1.
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If you have family members, especially kids, who like to read fantasy, take heed: Two-time Minnesota Book Award winner Brian Farrey is publishing a new novel on Tuesday.

“I’m terrible at elevator pitches,” Farrey told host Cathy Wurzer, but he gave a summary of the new book anyway:

"The Counterclockwise Heart" is a coming-of-age story that follows two young protagonists in a magical kingdom as they try to decipher truth from the cloud of cultural assumptions that surrounds then.

Farrey loves coming up with the rules of a fantasy world, so much so that he can get lost in his projects: “Sometimes I find it hard to move on to the next world.”

Does Farrey have a pet peeve when it comes to fantasy writing? He isn’t the biggest fan of straightforward prophecies and chosen ones. In Farrey’s novels, prophecies are never quite what they seem.

“I’m a strong believer in: Write your own future,” he said.

Excited about “The Counterclockwise Heart”? Tuesday at 7 p.m., you can join Farrey and fellow Minnesota author Jacqueline West at a virtual book launch event through St. Paul’s Red Balloon Bookshop.

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