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What we can learn from basic income pilot programs

The Mayor of St. Paul speaks to the press
St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter introduces the city's new plan to give a guaranteed income of $500 a month to 150 St. Paul families at a press conference in September 2020.
Peter Cox | MPR News 2020

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul recently launched guaranteed income pilot programs that provide monthly payments to low-income families. 

Programs like these are gaining traction around the nation. At least 30 other cities have similar pilot programs, and advocates say they can be a way to address poverty and economic inequities in the U.S. 

MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two experts about basic income programs and what they hope to learn from pilot programs like the ones in the Twin Cities.

Plus, MPR News senior economics contributor Chris Farrell joins Davis to discuss the economic impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


  • Ryan Nunn is the assistant vice president for applied research in community development and engagement at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. 

  • Amy Castro is an assistant professor of social policy and practice and the co-founder and director of the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania. 

  • Andrea Coleman is a St. Paul resident and a participant in the St. Paul People’s Prosperity Pilot.

  • Kasey Wiedrich is the financial capability manager with the city of St. Paul’s Office of Financial Empowerment. She manages the St. Paul People’s Prosperity Pilot.

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