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A Minneapolis parent and a teacher talk teachers strike, 10 days in

People hold signs and walk along the sidewalk.
Teachers picket in front of Justice Page Middle School during the first Minneapolis teacher union strike in 50 years on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.
Tim Evans for MPR News

It’s been 10 days since Minneapolis teachers and staff began their strike, and kids in Minneapolis have missed eight days of school.

School board chairwoman Kim Ellison has said negotiations have made progress, but there’s no deal yet. The pressure is mounting, and one school board member, Josh Pauley, resigned Tuesday citing broken trust between the board and the teacher’s union.

Some parents aren’t happy about the disruption to their children’s education. John Champe has two daughters in middle school in the Minneapolis district. He joined host Cathy Wurzer to talk about what the strike has been like for his family.

She also spoke with Shaun Laden, an educational support professional in Minneapolis and the president of the educational support professionals chapter of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers.

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