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Learning from Minnesota businesses that thrived during the pandemic

A man in a suit and tie and a woman in a yellow dress.
D'Angelos Svenkeson (left) and Sabrina D. Jones joined MPR News host Angela Davis to talk about small business owners that not only survived but thrived during the pandemic.
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The COVID-19 pandemic was an economic blow to small businesses, especially restaurants, gyms, retail shops, event businesses and anyone in hospitality. 

But the last two years also saw a boom in business startups as people furloughed from jobs struck out on their own. Meanwhile, businesses in some sectors found new opportunities and others changed their focus to not only survive but grow. 

MPR News host Angela Davis talks with business owners about the luck and hard work that helped them find the economic silver lining of the pandemic.  


  • Sabrina D. Jones is founder and CEO of SJC Body Love, a skincare, health and beauty product company based in the Twin Cities. 

  • D'Angelos Svenkeson is co-founder and CEO of NEOO Partners, Inc., a planning and commercial real estate company based in the Twin Cities.

  • Chris Farrell is senior economics contributor for MPR News.