Plugging into the past with nostalgia tech

Retro Tech
Is using old technology all about creating a nostalgic experience? There may be more to it than just fond memories.
Lorenzo Herrera, Unsplash

Have you dug out that old gaming console from childhood? You know, the one you begged your parents for as you showed them the printed advertisement in the Sunday newspaper ads. What about dusting off a vinyl record, processing film, or downgrading your smartphone to something that’s a little underwhelming? 

MPR News guest host Catharine Richert talks about the appeal of retro tech and the history of technology that paved the way for the world we have now — everything from your old phone to polaroid cameras and vintage video games.


  • Voula Saridakis is a curator at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and helps care for more than 30,000 artifacts in the collection.

  • LeAnn Crowe is a photographer and lab manager for West Photo in Minneapolis. 

  • Jay McDonald is a retro gaming enthusiast based in Dallas. He designs and builds corporate websites and runs RetroGame Start.

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