Is homework actually necessary?

too much homework
Too much homework can have a negative impact on a student’s well-being leading to stress, sleep deprivation and less time with friends and family.
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The start of the school year means the return of daily homework for many students. But is all that homework really necessary

Some educators and parents say that there isn’t much evidence that some types of homework actually help students learn. Too much homework might have the opposite effect on young students and can negatively impact their lives outside the classroom.  

But the momentum to get rid of homework is being met by others who say it’s a tool to instill responsibility, time management, practice, and eliminating it would be wrong. MPR News host Angela Davis talks with educators about the evolution of homework and the value it holds in today’s curriculum.  


  • Miranda Featherstone is a writer and a school social worker who has worked with children and families from preschool to high school. She is based in Rhode Island. 

  • David Heistad spent 25 years as head of research, evaluation and assessment for the public school districts in Minneapolis and Bloomington. He has a Ph.D. in special education and a master’s in statistics.

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