Having fearless and curious conversations in politically divided times

Two people hang a flag outside of a window.
Miranda Stoesz, left, and Patty Loewen, fix the American flag outside of the Community Center in Mountain Lake, Minn., the polling location for the city of Mountain Lake and two nearby townships on Tuesday,
Jackson Forderer for MPR News

The weeks leading up to Election Day have been full of campaign attack ads and an onslaught of divisive political messages. Many people have been left feeling anxious and increasingly mistrustful of people who hold different political views.  

So, how do we talk to each other now that the voting is over? How do we begin to heal from polarization? 

MPR News host Angela Davis talks about how divisive and contested elections stress communities and how we can reconnect through fearless and curious conversations with people with different political views.  


  • Joi Lewis is a coach, consultant and community healer. “Dr. Joi,” as she’s known to many, is founder of The Healing Justice Foundation and CEO of Joi Unlimited. She’s also the author of the book “Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care.” 

  • Mónica Guzmán is a senior fellow for public practice at Braver Angels, a nonprofit working to depolarize America. She’s also author of the book “I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times.” 

  • Ryan Pérez is a political campaign manager for COPAL, a grassroots statewide organization whose mission is to unite Latinos in Minnesota. 

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