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Minnesota Now - May 11, 2023

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Some students will be able to attend public colleges and universities in Minnesota at no cost, under a bill which is on its way to the governor's desk to be signed.

We'll get the details from one of our political reporters. And we'll hear from a student leader about how this change would affect his life.

The leader behind the scenes of the long-running, statewide television show Almanac is wrapping up a 40-year career.

MPR News Host Cathy Wurzer has worked with Brendan Henehan for 30 of those years. We’ll look back on all the stories he's covered and the lessons he's learned.

In sports, boys volleyball is now an official high school sport. And the Twins are about to start their third game in a series against San Diego. We'll hear all the latest from sports guys Wally and Eric.

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