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The 'cannabis talk' you should have with your kids

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Marijuana is more visible in Minnesota following legalization. What does that mean for kids?
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Now that cannabis is legal for adults to use in Minnesota, it’s time to talk to your kids about it. In coming months, more young people will be around adults who smoke weed. They’ll likely see adults sip seltzers or eat gummies infused with THC — the active ingredient in marijuana.

However you feel about adult marijuana use, there’s evidence that cannabis affects developing brains differently than adult brains. It’s linked to the risk of adolescent depression and suicide. And, in states that have legalized marijuana, young people have increased access to high potency products that can make them ill.  

MPR News host Angela Davis talks with a pediatrician and an adolescent addiction psychiatrist about having “the cannabis talk” with the young people in our lives.  


  • Dr. Kathleen “Katy” Miller is a pediatrician and medical director of Adolescent Medicine at Children’s Minnesota. 

  • Dr. Sara Polley is a pediatric and adult addiction psychiatrist and director of addiction psychiatry at Ellie Mental Health in Golden Valley, Minn.  

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MPR News host Angela Davis (left) talks about how to have "the cannabis talk" with children and teenagers with Dr. Katy Miller and Dr. Sara Polley in an MPR News studio in St. Paul on Thursday.
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