63rd Anniversary of the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe
Tomorrow marks the 63rd anniversary of a speech given by former U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall calling for American assistance in rebuilding Europe after World War II. Marshall went on to craft the Marshall Plan and became an eminent figure in 20th century history. Historian, author and University of Vermont Professor Mark Stoler spoke earlier this year about Marshall and his illustrious career at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.
Remembering the heyday of the Soo Line
Winton Forsberg started working for the Soo Line in 1953. In this 1973 interview with Hugh Morgan, the station agent reminisces about the days of carrying passengers and connecting with people.
Stalin's daughter lives in Wisconsin, new film says
An independent film is bringing to light a well-kept secret: Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's only daughter has lived incognito for much of the past two decades in small towns in Wisconsin.
Minn. veteran recalls his role in revealing Holocaust to the world
Red Wing resident Gordon Fisher enlisted in the Air Force in 1942 to avoid being drafted into the infantry. Toward the end of World War II, he received an assignment that would unveil the atrocities of the Holocaust.
The Supreme Court after Justice Stevens
Hear the latest news and analysis of Justice Stevens' announcement that he's retiring, followed by former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Justice Stephen Breyer discussing judicial selection at the 2009 Aspen Ideas Festival.
Newsmaker: The Dead Sea Scrolls
Discovered in a cave in the Judean desert by a Bedouin shepherd more than 60 years ago, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been a source of mystery and fascination for biblical scholars, and are the subject of a new exhibition in St. Paul. A local scholar joins Midmorning to explain why the scrolls are so significant.
Group plans Minn. museum of African American history
A local group is working to open Minnesota's first museum devoted to the state's African American history. They've purchased an historic Minneapolis mansion, and need to complete a $5 million fundraising campaign to turn it into a museum.
Writer sees another side of China - from his car
When writer Peter Hessler decided he wanted to see China, he went out and got himself a Chinese drivers license, rented a car, and hit the road.
Mystery surrounds roots of the Macbeth curse
The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis opens a brand new production of Macbeth this weekend - and that makes some people a little nervous. In some circles Shakespeare's bloody tragedy is believed to be cursed.
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