Scientists have announced the discovery of a new planet. Midmorning talks about the largest object to be found in our solar system since 1846 and examines the latest research into worlds around us.
Computer guru Robert Stephens answers computer questions and discusses all things technical.
Though it was not without its setbacks, the space shuttle Discovery rocketed into orbit on July 26. It is scheduled to return to earth on Monday, but after that, the future of the shuttle program is uncertain.
Iran says it plans to restart work at a uranium conversion plant near Isfahan. The Islamic republic says it wants only to generate electricity, but some world leaders believe Iran's true aim is to make nuclear bombs.
British police turned to videotape from the London subway system to help identify suicide bombers who killed 52 people on July 7. Across the United States, city governments are using networks of surveillance cameras to watch over the public. Can video cameras really make use safer?
Studies show that falling in love has a similar effect on the brain as using cocaine. Scientists want to know why an intangible emotion seems to trigger the same euphoria in different people.
In all the talk about the space shuttle Discovery, now set to blast off July 26, not much has been made of the fact that two women are part of the crew, including Discovery's commander, Eileen Collins. Twenty-two years ago, when Challenger astronaut Sally Ride became the first American woman to fly in space, it was very big news. Ride spoke about her historic mission recently at the Commonwealth Club of California.
The Benjamin Noble disappeared into Lake Superior an April 1914 storm, and it's been the target of a lot of unsuccessful searches over the years. But now a few people know exactly where it is.
Low water on the Missouri River means more shoreline exposed. That also means there are more artifacts exposed. Looters are hitting the jackpot and law enforcement is cracking down.
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