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Central American bird roosting in Two Harbors neighborhood

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The first inca dove identified in Minnesota
The first inca dove identified in Minnesota was spotted in Two Harbors on October 30, 2007. It usually lives in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Bird watcher Jim Lind saw it in his neighborhood and posted this photo on the Internet. Dozens of Minnesota birders flocked to his neighborhood to try to catch a glimpse of the bird.
Jim Lind

The inca dove thrives in an area stretching from Central America to the American Southwest. But none had ever been seen in Minnesota -- until now. Bird-watcher Jim Lind snapped a photo of an inca dove near his home in Two Harbors. Birders have flocked to Lind's North Shore neighborhood area to see the dove.

All Things Considered host Tom Crann talked to Jim Lind about why the sighting is so interesting to him and other birders.