Does the recession feel over to you?

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve said economic activity is leveling out and conditions in financial markets have improved, signaling an ending to the recession. The Fed reported that consumer spending is stabilizing despite continued job losses and tight credit. Two years after it began, does the recession feel over to you?

The recession may look like it is over - but if unemployment raises over the next year and on, then Recession is certainly not over -Laxmi

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No, my business is on a sliding scale and although my volume has stayed high, the avg price people pay has gone down over the last few months. -anonymous text message

If the first plunge of recession was initiated by subprime mortgages, the commercial mortgage collapse may provide a profound second dip. -Kevin, New York, NY

The recession doesn't feel over to me. I am facing a layoff from North Memorial Medical Center. -Allison, St. Paul, MN

Seems to be just beginning in my world... -Bonnie Russ

I can see a few signs of improvement, but it will take a long time for that to trickle down to most of us. I had to relocate to a different state to keep my job. When I can sell the house at the old location I will feel a little more secure and not wonder every day if I make the right choice, then I will feel like we are making progress. -Debi Cox

I think the effects of the recession are multiplying for some of us. Cripes. -Edward J Curran