Norm Coleman says he supports redesign of absentee ballots

Former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman supports efforts to redesign Minnesota's absentee ballots.

Last year, Coleman had more votes than Al Franken on election night, but he ended up losing to Franken when the absentee ballots were counted, and his legal appeal was thwarted by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Coleman said a redesign might simplify the election process, but it needs to go further than that.

"Beyond the ballot itself, I really do think we have to insure that there is a more uniform system of counting absentee ballots," Coleman said. "The Supreme Court didn't refute the reality that different standards were employed to count absentee ballots. They simply said that it's not a violation."

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is proposing a makeover of absentee ballot envelopes and instructions with a goal of avoiding the confusion exposed in the 2008 election.

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