36 Tornadoes: Top tornado outbreak in Minnesota history?

We may have just witnessed the biggest tornado outbreak in Minnesota history.

As of late Thursday night, NOAA's Storm Prediction Center lists 36 tornado reports in the state of Minnesota Thursday. Some of these may be multiple reports of the same tornado from different observers.

Preliminary SPC severe weather reports for Thursday.

NWS offices around the region will dispatch survey teams to confirm final numbers, but it is possible that Thursday's final number of tornadoes may break or rival the record for most tornado touchdowns ever on record for a single day in Minnesota.

Red triangles indicate NWS tornado reports Thursday. Blue is hail, orange is wind damage, green is flash flood.

The standing record until Thursday was 27 tornadoes in one day on June 16th, 1992.

Here are the top 10 single day tornado outbreaks in Minnesota history. (NWS data)

1. June 16, 1992: 27 tornadoes

2. July 1, 1997: 18 tornadoes

3. June 11, 2001: 16 tornadoes

3. June 13, 2001: 16 tornadoes

5. June 28, 1979: 15 tornadoes

5. June 24, 2003: 15 tornadoes

7. July 21, 1995: 14 tornadoes

7. October 26, 1996: 14 tornadoes

7. March 29, 1998: 14 tornadoes

7. July 25, 2000: 14 tornadoes

There were 20 reports of tornadoes in North Dakota Thursday.

It appears we made (dubious?) weather history in Minnesota on Thursday.


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