Minnesota tornado videos show deadly storms

Storm chasers were on the case Thursday when tornadoes ravaged Minnesota. Their videos show scary twisters in action.


Description: What a day as we chased in north-central MN and observed 4 large tornadoes, 3 of them being wedges. Unfortunately, one of these massive tornadoes went through the town of Wadena as we were observing just east of town. Major damage resulted from this tornado but, fortunately, no deaths. Certainly this is a day that I will never forget, growing up and living all of my life in MN and never seeing such a large tornadic event in this state until now.

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Description: Storm chaser Dominator at TornadoVideos.net intercepts violent wedge tornado southwest of Wadena, Minnesota, measuring incredible vertical winds with the radar, and launching parachute probes into the tornado with the cannon. We deployed in the strongest eastern side of the wedge, and the 150+ mph winds ripped off the room anemometer, sand-blasted the paint, and caused us to slide across the road with the hydraulics deployed.


From: The Storm Report.

Destruction near Wadena

Description: Possibly EF5 Tornado Damage in Minnesota on June 17th 2010 during a massive upper midwest tornado outbreak.

Kiester and Albert Lea

Description: Jeffrey Gonzales shoots multiple tornadoes in southern Minnesota. From SevereStudios.


Description: Storm Chaser Michael Stanga of TheWxPage chased the incredible tornado outbreak in Minnesota on June 17, 2010, documenting this tornado near the town of Monticello.


Description: Android Footage showing a tornado only yards from a car full of people that got caught under a funnel cloud touching down next to them, very small but violent tornado. (Note - Explicit language)


Description: Brandon Sullivan shot this amazing tornado footage near the town of Bricelyn, MN which is about twenty miles west of Albert Lea, MN on Interstate 90.


Description: One of the worst tornado days in Minnesota history occurred.

This is one amazing video of a tornado with the sunset in the background.

Near Grand Forks, N.D.

Description (from Al in the comments section): It's not quite Minnesota, but my brother shot this one in North Dakota, just west of the Grand Forks airport.